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What Wu-Tang Clan Teaches Us About Communicating with Patients

So what does music from Wu-Tang Clan and communication with patients in our healthcare system have in common? The answer would have been “nothing” until I heard this fabulous interview on NPR’s The Story with Holly Maniatty, Interpreter for Wu-Tang … Continue reading

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What about the patient needs for EMR?

In my daily review of a broad range of articles about healthcare and innovation, I have to admit that the patient – which should be the focal point of healthcare efforts – is often woefully left to the side or … Continue reading

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Overcoming intimidation – there’s no app for that

Never before has so much attention been paid to improving our healthcare system. From access to cost to quality to outcomes and beyond – everything is being scrutinized. Most people would agree this is needed, despite differing opinions as to … Continue reading

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