Net’s Top 10 Twitter Tips for Your Brand

Before we jump into my Top 10 Tips for Twitter, let’s take a few moments to talk about the value of Twitter and engaging on social media. Social media has become a widespread phenomenon today. And of the various social media channels, my personal favorite is Twitter. And why is that?


“Twitter is a extraordinary tool for intentional listening, tracking key people, organizations, and ideas, while strategically making valuable connections for yourself and others.”  ─Nannette Stangle-Castor, April 2014

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Considering Consulting: Top 5 Tips for Success

I had the pleasure of recently being asked to speak to the NCBiotech Jobs Network. The audience represented a wide range of positions in biotech and life sciences. The topic of the panel was: Creating Your Own Consulting Business. Haven given lots of presentations, I made an effort to minimalize the PowerPoint slides and instead focus on images and strong themes to share my message from being a successful consultant for more than 12 years. I prepared a Top 5 List in the spirit of David Letterman. Drum roll please…

Accountant Lawyer#5: Engage an accountant and lawyer upfront
In this age of instantaneous DIY information, Google, and YouTube, people often think they can just figure things out for themselves. And for many things, I agree. When I am stumped or need to repair something, I google it. However, Continue reading

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Social Media for Nonprofits: How to Engage Supporters

Every single day, more than half a billion Tweets are posted. Nearly 250 million people are on LinkedIn. And behemoths like Facebook and YouTube exploded beyond the one billion mark quite some time ago.

These social media channels are no longer occasional, ‘nice to have’ outlets for nonprofits. They are a must. Millions of people are using these platforms every day to network with colleagues, build a loyal following, and deepen their engagement with supporters.

The question is: how can you position yourself to make an impact in an already crowded field? We are all busy people, but if done correctly, social media engagement can provide a very tangible return on investment. The key is to develop a clear strategy before diving in. Ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish? Which social media channels are most likely to achieve your end result?

In my social media training, I advise my clients to be WISE:

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Healthcare Future Predictions and Patient Impacts

healthcare innovationLast week I had the pleasure of joining my fellow Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) RTP Chapter members in hosting Dr. Brian J. Kelly, president of Payer & Provider Solutions at Quintiles, as our speaker for our Signature event, The Future of Healthcare held at GlaxoSmithKline. Dr. Kelly provided insights and his predictions for our changing healthcare system.

I found the insights very informative and well-stated through the lens of the business of healthcare. As one can tell from my previous posts, I am committed to elevating the value of the patient perspective in healthcare. As such, following the great lecture from Dr. Kelly, I had a number of potential patient-specific concerns come to mind as our healthcare evolves. In doing so, I am not disagreeing with Dr. Kelly’s perspectives and predictions, rather raising concerns that I have in terms of direct patent impacts and outcomes if those predictions become reality. Continue reading

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Healthcare Innovation To Do List – Insights from #DIHI2013

I had the priviHealthcare Innovationlege of attending the inaugural Summit on Transformative Innovation in Health Care at Duke University last week. The event was the launch of the newly formed Duke Institute for Health Innovation (DIHI). As noted by The Herald Sun article, the event had multiple world-renown healthcare experts providing their insights and suggestions for a robust and impactful DIHI as it launches.

Complementing the live meeting was a very active Twitter stream using the hashtag #DIHI2013. As an active tweeter, I too shared my commentary and captured nuggets of insights from the speakers using my account, @NannetteSC. So I’d like to share with you some key takeaways that I captured that will be important for ensuring that the DIHI is able to truly be innovative in healthcare in a disruptive, not incremental manner. In my opinion, these concepts are essential to really make a difference for patients! Continue reading

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